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speech Therapy Services

Word of Mouth Therapy recognizes that every child is different - so no two sessions ever look the same. We support your child in achieving their speech and language goals during activities that are playful, motivating, and interesting!


Before therapy sessions begin, our speech therapists will collect some information to learn about your child's overall development. Our process typically includes the following:

  • A parent interview

  • Observations during play

  • Formal assessment of your child's communication strengths and weaknesses

Once the evaluation is complete, we will provide you with a written report that includes our findings and recommendations for the next best step. If speech therapy is needed, we will work with you to create the best therapy goals and treatment plan for your child.

our approach

At Word of Mouth, speech therapy sessions are fun, energetic, and play-based! Depending on your child's unique interests and support needs, we may help them achieve their goals during: 

  • Play activities

  • Board games

  • Book readings

  • Mealtimes

Parents are the key to making therapy successful, so you are always invited to participate in sessions! We do our best to ensure that we are all working toward a common goal by coaching parents and providing weekly home activities.

Child with speech delays working on speech sounds during speech therapy

speech Sounds

Does your child have difficulty making speech sounds? We will identify the specific sounds and patterns that your child struggles with and help them move their tongue, lips, and jaw to correct their sound errors. Speech therapy will give your child the practice and confidence they need to:

  • Use all age-appropriate sounds

  • Speak more clearly 

  • Successfully communicate and connect with others

Speech sound activities will be provided each session for continued practice at home.


Whether your child struggles with using new words, following directions, or answering questions, we can build on their current language skills during play based activities! Language therapy will help your child:

  • Use and understand new words

  • Express their wants, needs, thoughts, opinions, and feelings

  • Ask and answer questions

  • Gain social and play skills to increase meaningful interaction with others

Home programming will be provided to support language development outside of therapy sessions.


Feeding disorders can make mealtimes stressful for the whole family. We support children who struggle with biting, chewing, sucking, swallowing, and picky eating - as well as those who are tube weaning. Ultimately, feeding therapy will help: 

  • Expand your child's food inventory

  • Decrease challenging or avoidant behaviors at mealtimes​

  • Support healthy weight gain

  • Reduce choking, gagging, or vomiting when eating

  • Improve oral-motor skills for safe chewing and swallowing

Parent coaching is central to feeding therapy. We will equip you with strategies and tools for success at home!


Augmentative and Alternative Communication  (AAC) is beneficial for children who struggle to communicate verbally for any reason. Our AAC therapy services will help you and your child: 

  • Trial a variety of AAC devices to determine the best fit

  • Obtain an AAC device through your insurance company

  • Understand, program, and use an AAC device to communicate 

  • Successfully incorporate AAC into daily interactions

Our goal is to ensure that both you and your child feel comfortable and confident when using AAC communication at home, school, and in the community!

Child using AAC on a tablet to communicate during speech therapy
social groups
Children participating in social skills group therapy

social Skills groups

Word of Mouth Therapy hosts weekly group sessions of 2-4 children to foster speech, language, and social skill development. Your child will have a blast practicing new skills  with their friends!

Contact us today to learn more about group therapy opportunities at Word of Mouth.

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