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Physical Therapy Services

Word of Mouth Therapy provides one-on-one physical therapy services to help your child reach their full potential!


We will start with a physical therapy evaluation to collect information about how your child moves. Our process typically includes the following:

  • A parent interview

  • Observation of current movement patterns

  • Formal assessment measures 

Once the evaluation is complete, we will provide you with a written report that includes our findings and recommendations for the next best step. If physical therapy is needed, we will work together to create therapy goals and a treatment plan for your child.

Physical Therapy

We support muscle strength, motor coordination, and developmental skills during therapeutic play activities! Our physical therapy sessions are designed to help your child: 

  • Demonstrate age-appropriate skills, including the ability to roll, crawl, stand, walk, run, jump, and more!

  • Gain strength to complete activities of daily living

  • Play and move with confidence

Word of Mouth provides written home programs for families to practice skills outside of physical therapy sessions. We offer play ideas, exercises, and recommendations that can easily be incorporated into your daily routines!

Child working on motor skills during physical therapy

Intensive PT Camps

Physical therapy sessions are typically held 1-2 times per week - but can you imagine the progress your child could make by focusing on a new skill every day for 2-4 weeks?


At Word of Mouth Therapy, we design custom PT "boot-camps" to help your child quickly build on new skills and achieve their goals... even the ones that have felt near impossible! 


Intensive PT camps are goal-oriented, immersive, and beneficial for children who seem to have plateaued in traditional therapy.  Reach out to learn more!

We are accepting new clients!

Reach out to get started with speech, occupational, and physical therapy today.
We serve families in and around Bulloch County, GA.

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