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Literacy Tutoring Services

Word of Mouth provides evidence-based literacy tutoring services to help struggling readers! Using the Orton-Gillingham approach, your child will gain confidence and experience greater success in school.

getting started

While we do not diagnose dyslexia, we are able to provide evidence-based literacy interventions to support your child's academic success. We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your child's literacy strengths and weaknesses in order to address the following: 

  • Dyslexia

  • Dysgraphia

  • Challenges with Reading Fluency

  • Challenges with Phonemic Awareness


Word of Mouth requires a minimum of two 45-minute sessions per week in order to achieve best outcomes. 

our Specialties

Dyslexia is the most under-diagnosed learning disability, and it is at the root of many students' academic difficulties. We will support your child in developing essential skills for academic success, including: 

  • Phonological skills

  • Spelling (encoding) skills

  • Reading (decoding) skills

  • Reading comprehension

  • Self-confidence

Our literacy lessons are carefully planned for each individual and can be adapted at any time during the lesson.

Child working on improving reading and writing skills through literacy tutoring

our Approach

Word of Mouth uses the Orton-Gillingham approach to support school-age children in developing strong reading and writing skills. Our sessions combine structured literacy instruction with engaging activities, such as: 

  •  Writing in rice

  • Making music with words

  • Playing games

  • Building words with tiles


Orton-Gillingham is multi-sensory instruction; meaning that it engages your child's visual, auditory, and kinesthetic-tactile pathways for learning, all at the same time, leading to greater success. Your child will "see it, hear it, and move with it!" 

We are accepting new clients!

Reach out to get started with our literacy tutoring services today. Word of Mouth Therapy serves families in and around Bulloch County, GA.

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