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Billing and insurance

In-Network plans

Word of Mouth Therapy currently accepts the following medical insurance plans:

Medicaid  •  Caresource •  Amerigroup •  Cigna •  UnitedHealthcare •  Optum •  Aetna •  Anthem/BCBS •  Tricare Prime •  Tricare Select • CHAMPVA •  Ambetter •  Healthgram*

We also offer private pay services. Our Literacy Tutoring, Social Groups, and Physical Therapy Intensive Camps are not covered by insurance and only available through private pay.

Paying your bill

You can easily pay your bill via your fusion account. Follow this link to create your account: 
*You may need to use the "forgot password" to set-up your account*


We also accept cash, check, Venmo, and all major credit cards. If you have a copay or are private pay, you are required to keep a credit card on file.


Doctor's referrals

Our Process

If we will be billing insurance, we do require a referral from your child's doctor. They can fax the referral to 912-259-WOMT(9668) or you can bring a hard copy by the office. Before we can begin therapy services, we will need all of the following paperwork: 


  • A referral/prescription from your Primary Care Physician 

  • Any information on previous evaluations or treatments received 

  • Current copy of your insurance card (front and back) 

  • Current copy of IFSP/IEP if applicable 

If you are paying for speech evaluation and therapy services privately, we do not require a doctor's referral.


Frequently Asked QuesTIons

What is your attendance and cancellation policy? 

Word of Mouth Therapy requires a 24 hour notice for all cancellations. We understand that unfortunate circumstances arise, and in that case, we highly encourage you to reschedule for another day. To remain on our weekly schedule, you must maintain 80% attendance. If you have two late cancellations/no-shows, you will be removed from the schedule.

Our exceptional therapists have dedicated that time to your child, please be considerate and give notice!

What ages do you work with?

Word of Mouth Therapy works with children from birth to age 21. 

How often does my child come to therapy?

The answer to this depends on several factors, including type of disorder, severity, age, family wants and needs, scheduling needs, and budget. We work together to create a treatment plan that outlines the frequency of therapy sessions that are best for the child and family.

Can I attend therapy sessions with my child?

Of course! We love when parents attend sessions. It gives us a chance to provide coaching and give you strategies to incorporate at home. 

My child does not qualify for services at school, can I still receive private services?

Academic and medical therapy models differ. Although services may not be provided in the school, they can still be targeted within the clinic. Word of Mouth's model focuses on a functional, holistic approach, thus therapy may be recommended.

Can you Tell me more about your Social Groups?

If your child is at least three years old and...

  • Struggles with carryover of articulation or language skills, or,

  • Struggles with generalization of AAC, or,

  • Has difficulty in social situations (including: emotions, reciprocities, non-literal language, etc.)

...they may benefit from a social group led by one of our pragmatic specialists.


Social groups at Word of Mouth Therapy are formed of 2-4 children, matched by age and/or skill set. Social groups are not covered by insurance; each session is $25/child. No referral is required.

Can you Tell me more about your literacy services?

Word of Mouth Therapy offers one-on-one Orton-Gillingham Approach reading tutoring to children. When our specialist first meets with a student, she will do an assessment to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses to develop a customized plan of treatment. Sessions are 45 minutes each, and a minimum of 2 sessions per week is required.  Literacy services are not covered by insurance, so no referral is required. 

have another question?

Give us a call to learn more and get all of your questions answered! 

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